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UNO is 146 '6 Star' apartments for Housing SA on an underutilised site in Adelaide's CBD. This 'vertical village' is a brave yet highly successful integrated housing model includes private dwellings above 30 Youth Services apartments inter-dispersed with Public Housing Units.

Abutting the 1840s Queen's Theatre, this 6 Star Social Housing Initiative uses innovative acoustic and earthquake design to deal with its context, in particular the acoustic issues of the Theatre and live music venue immediately across the street and the heritage impact upon the Theatre.

The composition stems from international maritime flag signals. The flag for the letter L, when used in isolation, indicates ‘you shouldstop, I have something important to communicate’. The tectonic massing of the building relating to Youth Services emulates this signal – serving as a subtle reminder of the importance of this facility and environmental sustainability.  

Green gardens are integrated at every level at the ends and midpoint of the corridors to provide landscape and a communal focus that would be expected in a more traditional low scale development. The design has been further enhanced with communal roof terraces along the Waymouth Street podium activating and greening these often underutilised spaces. Further opportunities for community interaction occur at the street café.

The project was a joint venture with Greenway Architects. It changed the standard for integrated social housing in South Australia and was Awarded UDIA’s SA High Density Award, President’s Award and UDIA National High Density Winner as well as the Australian Civic Trust Award, Hugh Stretton Award for Innovation in Residential Development. At the time of its release, it was the fastest selling building in Adelaide.

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  • UDIA national Awards for Excellence, 2013 High Density Award Winner
  • UDIA South Australia, 2012 High Density Award – Winner
  • UDIA South Australia, 2012 Presidents Award
  • Australian Civic Trust Award, Hugh Stretton Award for Innovation in Residential Development


Architects: Bird de la Coeur Architects and Greenway Architects
Client: DFC/Housing SA
Builders: Tagara Builders

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