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2024 INDE Awards Shortlist

18 Jul 2024


Tarakan Street is short listed in 'The Multi Residential Building' in 2024 INDE Awards. The INDE Awards 'put the Indo-Pacific region’s most progressive design and architecture on the global stage'. They say

An incredibly diverse range of buildings, spaces, objects and people were submitted for the 2024 INDE.Awards. Each shortlisted entry reflects the bold, visionary and innovative nature of architecture and design in the Indo-Pacific.

The work of our esteemed jury in analysing the entries, which numbered over 500, was not easy. They have collectively praised architects’ and designers’ creativity, ingenuity and commitment to quality across practice, process and final outcome.

The 2024 INDE.Awards are proudly brought to you by our Platinum Partner, Zenith.

We look forward to Gala Awards night on 1 August.


Think Brick Top 40

18 Jul 2024

Think brick top 40 3

We're pleased to announce that Tarakan Street is in the Think Brick Top 40 shortlist, 2024.

The locally-made bricks give the social and affordable housing a warm domestic character, while also being chosen for their long life, low maintenance quality. The bricks were made just 17km from the site by Austral, radically reducing carbon in transport. Usually more carbon is used in transport than manufacture.The bricks are certified Carbon Neutral through Brickworks Climate Active program. Designed in parnership with NH Architecture the handsom bricks provide a backdrop to the trees and their shadows

Photo: Dianna Snape 

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AIA Victorian Chapter Awards

9 Jul 2024

Commendation pic

Tarakan Street Social and Affordable Housing has won a Commendation for Urban Design at the 2024 Victorian Architecture Awards.

The jury said:

'Tarakan Street Social and Affordable Housing proffers an optimistic urbanism, where density, affordability, and landscape flourish in dialogue. Skilfully massed, the housing is contextually agile.

It steps from homely townhouses to civic proportions of six levels, respectfully evading the canopies of 20 mature trees and providing 130 comfortable homes in the same space as 13 homes across the road. Abundant public/private gradients are interwoven dexterously throughout with particular care given to the privacy of ground floor apartments. This is a rigorous, generous architecture.'

Congratulations to the design team, NH Architecture, Bird de la Coeur Architects, Openwork and Tract Consultants. And a big thank you to the Urban Design Jury.