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Parlour Collective

9 Feb 2024

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Bird de la Coeur Continues to support The Parlour Collective to help create funding security for their long-term future, while providing further opportunity for action, research, mutual support and camaraderie. The Collective supports built environment professionals, practices and organisations to increase and share knowledge, and to demonstrate their values – to their staff, clients and peers. Parlour: gender, equity, architecture

Learn more about Parlour Collective here


Melbourne Design Review Panel

31 Oct 2023

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Vanessa Bird has been re-appointed to the Melbourne Design Review Panel for a second term. Lord Mayor Sally Capp says “Over the past two years, the panel has made a significant impact on $500 million worth of projects – shaping and refining high quality, innovative design that celebrates heritage and contemporary living.”

Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece added “Melbourne has a distinct design identity that is highly valued and must be preserved. The panel has really proven its value by ensuring major projects use materials and concepts that represent our city and tell a story about Melbourne.” Vanessa welcomes ten new members to the Panel. Read more here


Carbon Neutral Certification - again

13 May 2022

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Our Carbon Neutral Audit for FY2021 is complete and we are proudly Certificed Carbon Neutral, again.

Always trying to do better, this year we reduced our electricity consumption by 49% through behavioural change, and reduced our travel footprint by 57% after switching to online meetings whenever possible.

After committing to Architects Declare in 2020 we completed a 3 step process:

1. We commissioned a NoCo2 audit with the Carbon Neutral Institute to measure our carbon footprint
2. Switched to 100% Green Power, no fossil fuels and offset with credits from Biomass with India Clean Energy
3. We committed to annual audits of our emissions.

See our listing in the Low Carbon Economy suppliers site. We also have Carbon Neutral Service Certification.