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Alamanda Point Cook

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Alamanda Point Cook

Alamanda is a master plan for a new 16,726sqm Town Centre at Sneydes Road, Point Cook. It comprises a Residential Subdivision, Apartment block and 300sqm Medical Centre, Community Hub, a 400 seat Place of Assembly, 1000sqm of retail, 400sqm Food Outlets, Amphitheatre for gatherings, a Public Square with a ‘place making’ tower with outdoor screen and kiosk facility for the public . There is a centralised car park that also acts as the “marketplace” on weekends. 61 Townhouses bounding the market square, 23 have ground level home offices and are well connected to existing child care facilities, recreation areas and gym/pool. There are 26 Apartments – approximately 1,400sqm over 4 levels.


Client: Villawood Properties / ISPT

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