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9 Yarra

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9 Yarra

9 Yarra is a 15 storey office tower. As one of the first buildings in the Forrest Hill precinct it played a defining role in the developing streetscape character. It is black and angular and assert a presence by jutting out over the street. It is strikingly different from its residential neighbour, which is white and has a softer profile. It is a composition of tectonic elements pushed and pulled. A shared podium and new pedestrian arcade join the two towers. This arcade connects Claremont Street to the South Yarra Station by joining the already completed Stage 1 arcade between Macmillons Publishing and Duttons on Claremont Street. A third stage will connect Chapel street to the South Yarra Station via Daly Street.

Country: Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung

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  • Australian Property Institute ‘Charter Keck Cramer Property Development Award 2009’ – Winner
  • UDIA Victoria, 2009 Urban Renewal Award – Winner
  • RAIA Awards 2009 Commercial New – Shortlisted



Client: Michael L Yates & Co
Client representative: Red C
Interiors: Hecker Phelan Guthrie
Builder: Baulderstone 
Project manager: Jinton
Planners: Contour
Services Engineers: O’Neill Group
Graphic Design: Grenade
Renders: Floodslicer
Photographer: Dianna Snape