661 Chapel Street

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661 Chapel Street

661 Chapel received its Planning Approval after a rigorous and rewarding process with the Government Architect's Review Panel, and is currently under construction. The slender tower and kiln-shaped masonry base draw heavily on the history of brick making around Chapel St and the Yarra, where the landscape was once dotted with brick kilns and tall slender chimneys.

The interiors centre around generous shared public spaces - entry through a sculpture walk, a library with light filtering through its onyx wall, a whole floor of mind and body fun at level 6 including a lounge, wine room, private dining rooms, gym, cantilevered 25m pool with sauna and steam room, as well as a Richard Serra inspired cinema.

Sh2 661 plus - kitchen - final 2000 1703 gamuda land chapel street - type x bathroom 661 plus - tower - cropped


Client: Gamuda Land
Planner: Meinhardt
Interiors: Bird de la Coeur Architects
Builder: Crema Constructions
Renders: Philip Horton + Binyan + Gabriel Saunders

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