151 Toorak Road

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151 Toorak Road

Office and retail; 151 Toorak Road is a boutique office building with a ground floor corner retail space. It responds to its heritage streetscape with an innovative Flex Brick double-skin facade over a solid traditional brickwork base. The design developed after careful analysis of the brick patterning on the old South Yarra Post Office opposite. The brick screen shields the heat load from the west sun. With Covid design principles in mind, the double skin facade allows for ample user-controlled fresh air and natural ventilation while maintaining privacy and sun protection. Landscaped outdoor spaces, including a large roof garden and a terrace facing Toorak Road, provide outdoor green breakout spaces.

The building is currently under construction.

20190716 darling st elevation vertical Toorak rd elevation Toorak rd view


Town Planning Consultant: ERM Consulting Melbourne

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