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Bunnings Warehouses and Store Development Brief

Under construction interior Garden centre 2 Paint aisle Interior Garden centre Underconstruction exterior

Bunnings Warehouses and Store Development Brief

Over a five-year period BdlC developed and wrote the 'store design brief' for Bunnings. We designed and documented many of the orginal stores, including Bunnings Hoppers Crossing, Bunnings Bendigo, Bunnings Mornington, Bunnings Belmont NSW, Bunnings Morwell, Bunnings Shepparton East which was built over a disused tip. Early prototypes for Garden Centres, Nurseries and timber drive-throughs, with specialist structural solutions were developed through these stores.

Bird de la Coeur have worked on schematic site planning and detailed design solutions for numerous sites and ultimate documentation and delivery of a number of stores. Most significantly, they were responsible for the design, compilation and delivery of our generic store "Store Development Brief' - an interactive brief on CD."
Rod Williams Store Development Manager 2001

Twenty-five years on  -  many big frames are up, many home-handy people and tradies are still there, many plants have been planted, and many sausages have sizzled for charity.  We didn't write the now-iconic jingle, however we're happy to see there is now a Lego Bunnings and vegan sausages!



Vegan sausage Lego bunnings crop


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