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Mt. Eliza Multi-Generational House

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Mt. Eliza Multi-Generational House

A complex brief for three generations of one family, with vastly different needs, to live together – and a spectacular cliff-top site were the two most important components to the design. The house has three interconnected wings. The wings form three sides of a sheltered courtyard, with the pool forming the fourth side. The largest wing is the shared wing which occupies the prime location. It is cranked to face true north and contains the kitchen, living and dining rooms.

While each wing conveys something of the personality of the individual occupants, the whole composition is drawn together through careful material selection. Twenty years on the house looks fresh and cared for.

With three family groups informing the architecture the house has become a museum of family history and a statement of confidence in its future. The three main formal elements are skilfully interwoven to define a complex and varied interaction between the occupants in the various internal and external spaces. The considered use of threshold conditions and subtly differentiated spatial arrangements testify that architecture retains the capacity to direct and inform without using words and makes movement through the house an unassuming yet interesting experience.

The highly crafted and tactile use of materials that makes reference to the vernacular beach house and suburban dwellings of the 1950s enhance the complexity and richness of the program. The project is an excellent example of inter-generational village style accommodation infused with a sense of joy and displaying a deft understanding of the material, social and historic qualities required to produce meaningful architecture.
RAIA Awards Jury Report 2003

Country: Bunurong

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  • RAIA Victoria 2003 Residential New, Architecture Award
  • Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence 2004, State Government of Victoria
  • LIAV Award of Excellence 2003



Landscape Architect: Rush Wright Associates
Builder: Landmark Builders
Photographer: John Gollings

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