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Bail Dwyer House

Bdlc bali dwyer 02 wr Bdlc bali dwyer 03 wr Bail-kitchen Bail-bathroom

Bail Dwyer House

This house and garaging for a car enthusiast is built inside a former Tobin Bros’ coach house. The occupation focuses around vertical rather than horizontal movement through the space. It is composed of a series of stacked volumes, a vertical circulation spine, and two living platforms. The major internal elements are designed as individual ‘buildings’. The materials used have more in common with the city than the domestic. The city skyline is connected to various living spaces through a series of framed views. 

Country: Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung

Bdlc bali dwyer 04 wr Bdlc bali dwyer 06-garage gallery lr Bdlc bali dwyer 05-stairs lr


  • Belle House of the Year / Space Apartment of the Year 1999 – Finalist Award
  • RAIA (Victoria) Residential Alterations and Additions – Shortlisted



Builder: Tony Bail
Photographer: John Gollings

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