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‘Voices from the Archive’ RMIT Design Hub

8 Aug 2018

In this WORKAROUND episode, Harriet Edquist uses archival traces of the 1989 Robin Boyd Conference and 1992 issue of Transition as prompts to reflect, thirty years later, on its legacy and the role a journal might assume as provocateur and activist in the public realm.

In 1989 Transition hosted a conference, an exhibition, a keynote lecture and opening to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The focus of the celebration was Robin Boyd and his role as a critic and public activist in the cause of Australian architecture. The conference papers were published in a special issue of Transition in 1992. Archival Material on View 

with Vanessa Bird, Karen Burns, Dean Cass, Harriet Edquist, Philip Goad, Conrad Hamann, Christine Phillips and Helen Stuckey