Yarra House

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Yarra House

Yarra House is a sculpted object of elegant slender proportions. It has 19 residential levels with just 6 apartments on each level. All are north facing. Yarra House has a quiet confidence that projects a self-assured elegance. As the precinct’s closest building to the river its inspiration is water and its reflection surface. The design employs obsidian shaded glass to express the river’s cool dark depths, while the tower’s podium base in mother of pearl picks up the river’s light reflective surface.

The overall form of the building, it’s gently sculpted northern façade, reflects the movement of the river and the erosion of the river bank.

Acting like a bookend, it is the last building on Yarra Street and the closest to the river, giving it unparalleled north facing views to the city. 

Completed by ICON Co in December 2015. Officially Opened by the Mayor of Stonnington Cr Claude Ullin. Public Artwork by Cameron May.

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Client: Michael L Yates & Co
Client representative: Red C
Builder: ICON Co
Project manager: PDS Group
Planners: Meinhardt
Interiors: Hassell
Services Engineers: Murchie Consulting
Graphic Design: Grenade
Renders: FloodSlicer
Photographer: Dianna Snape

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