Flockhart St

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Flockhart St

The site sits on a bend in the Yarra, this V-shaped residential development of 310 apartments over 11 stories takes advantage of its privileged location and views. The design and landscaping seek to upgrade this eclectic industrial strip of river frontage.

The site’s immediate history as a quarry and the sedimentary layering of the opposite bank of the river are used as departure points for the building expression. The strata of sedimentary rock are crystallized and given expression in the Main Blocks of the building. The quarried layers, removed to
make the bricks of Melbourne, are echoed and lifted to give expression to the facades.

The building negotiates a difficult path between flood plane controls and the creation of river access.

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Client: Macquarie Bank
Development Co-ordinator: Red C
Planners: Meinhardt
Renders: Floodslicer

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