Parlour Summer Salon - Maggie Edmond Gold Medalist

28 Nov 2023

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A special celebration of Maggie Edmond being retrospectively awarded the 2003 Gold Medal with Peter Corrigan.

Vanessa Bird introduced the Australian Institute of Architects process for the correction to the 2003 Gold Medal, then interviewed Maggie. We heard about Maggie's Viennese father and fashion designer mother Linda Suchestow who has 364 pieces in the NGV collection. Growing up at Quamby (Roy Grounds) then Bridgeford House (Robin Boyd) and around Flinders lane where her parents' business was located. We heard about student years and making a dress from Sisalation, the early years of Edmond and Corrigan, and how the practice was formed, her appointment as head of Public Works and Maggie's extensive and generous work on Boards, including her first appointment by Evan Walker to the Zoological Board which quickly resulted in the Butterfly House commission. Thanks to Brickworks for hosting. Photo: Ceridwen Foran


Photo shoot Heidelberg West Social Housing

20 Nov 2023

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Heidelberg West Social Housing, with NH Architecture and Openwork is almost complete. As the residents prepare to move in, Dianna Snape has begun photographing the project for our client Homes Victoria.

It consists of 130 zero-gas dwellings located on a large garden site, and includes 16 townhouses. Two of which can be seen here. The project has an emphasis on locally made materials and fittings, including locally manufactured carbon neutral Austral bricks, and joinery made in Heidelberg. Built by Besix Watpac. More photos to come soon.


Recognising Maggie Edmond

5 Nov 2023

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At the 2023 AIA National Awards Maggie Edmond was retrospectively awarded the AIA  2003 Gold Medal with Peter Corrigan.  

Vanessa Bird has written an article for Parlour outlining the efforts made by the Australian Institute of Architects to recognise Maggie, and how that change has come about. Read that article here.

The article was republished by ArchitectureAU and can be read here

Photo: John Gollings