Revisited Mt Eliza House 2002

12 Sep 2019

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Our multi-generational Mt Eliza House was visited by Shani Hodson. The house with gardens, designed Rush Wright Associates, have matured beautifully over time. In 2003 it was an RAIA Architecture Award winner in Residential New, and in 2004 received the State Government of Victoria's Coastal Award for Excellence.

Photo: Shani Hodson

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Architects Declare

31 Jul 2019

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Bird de la Coeur have joined Architects Declare, the global movement addressing the twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss as the most serious issues of our time. Globally, buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while also having a significant impact on our natural habitats. We will raise awareness for the urgent need for action with our clients, consultants and supply chains. 


Open House Melbourne - Boyd House II

28 Jul 2019

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As part of Open House Melbourne, the Boyd Foundation hosted 100 lucky people who learnt more about Robin Boyd, arguable's Australia's most influential architect, and Austalian Modernism. The Foundation said 'Terrific to showcase our iconic modernist house to so many new to Walsh Street.  Thanks to our fabulous tour volunteers with the added bonus of unique insights on Boyd's ongoing influence from our Boyd Circle architect members. Many thanks to Inarc Architects, SJB, Bird de la Coeur Architects and Sam Marshall Architects.'